Hi, I'm Tony Joe! πŸ‘‹

I'm a Senior Dev, clean code lover and lover of Laravel.

I'm the best friend of deep work & focusing. I'm interested in critical thinking, self improvement, personal finance and rock'🀟'roll!

πŸ“ I’m curious. I read a lot, listen, study, analyze. But I can’t stand fanaticism: I don’t like chasing after the last-minute framework all the time.

πŸš€ I'm currently working on a platform for creators to manage and monetize their subscription content. It's a side project. Of course, in Laravel.

πŸ‘‰ I’m looking for partners for my side project.

Note: Tony Joe is just my pseudonym.

In reality, I'm 40 and I work as a consultant in a well-known agency in Italy. There, I work with enterprise technologies that, while powerful, I find boring.

Some skills/languages:

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, REST,
API definition and usage, Data Modeling,
Javascript, React, HTML, SASS, CSS,
Markdown, Git, Bash